Outdoor Price Signage: Transparency Matters

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When shopping or dining out, people want to have a good time. Many people like clarity and specificity. Customers want to know how much they will spend before purchasing. Displaying prices outside shops and restaurants improves their visibility, appeals to customers, and gives them the clarity they need.

By displaying prices, businesses can attract customers who can make informed decisions about whether they can afford the products or services. In addition, outdoor price displays make it easier for customers to compare prices in different shops and restaurants.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of outdoor price signs and give an overview of the different types of signs. For each type, we will describe the main advantages and disadvantages.

Article will help you to understand why the outdoor menu display stands are important. This information will allow businesses to make informed and reasoned decisions about which signage to choose for their needs.

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Reasons for price signs

Here are some crucial reasons shops and restaurants should display price signs outdoors.

Attractiveness and advertising

Price signage fixtures, boards and holders can be visually appealing. They can be an essential part of the design and brand identity of a restaurant or shop. They help restaurants or shops to be more visible. They should be chosen in harmony with product displays in the shop.

Promotional offers on price signs can also be an excellent promotional tool. Promotional offers can attract customers who would otherwise not have considered shopping or eating there.

Transparency and clarity

Outdoor price signs help customers to know what products and services are on offer and their prices.

This can attract more customers who like clarity or are on a budget. By seeing the price, they can easily decide whether they can afford the products and services on offer.

Convenience and efficiency

Displaying prices outdoors also makes it easier for customers to compare prices in different shops and restaurants, which can help them make a more informed decision about where to shop or eat. Many customers appreciate this.

Having prices clearly visible also saves them time when going inside several shops. Think carefully about which prices to display outside to invite customers into the store. Because the store will be able to offer the potential customer other products on beautiful display stands. It will also be an opportunity for customer advisors to help the customer choose the most appropriate and best products or services.

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Types of price signs to choose from

Below are various products that will help display price signs outside a shop or restaurant. There are several types of signs to choose from, including A-signs, window signs, banners, chalkboards, and electronic signs, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

A-frame signs

A-frame signs are a popular choice for displaying prices outside shops and restaurants. They are easy to move and can be placed in prominent locations like pavement. However, they can take up much space and can be easily knocked over by wind or people.

Window signs

Window signs are another standard option for indicating prices. They can be placed inside or outside the window and are visible from both inside and outside the shop or restaurant. However, they may not be as visible as A-frame signs and may obscure window displays.

Display banners

Banners can be a great option for promoting special offers or events and can be displayed outdoors or across the street. However, they can be challenging to read from a distance and may only be suitable for some types of businesses.


Chalkboards are a popular way of displaying prices and menus outside restaurants. They are easily adaptable and can be changed frequently, but they can be time-consuming to update and maintain.

Digital signage

Digital menu boards can be a good solution for businesses that want to display dynamic content or change prices frequently. However, they can be expensive and require technical expertise to maintain.

Such price indications will give a very good impression of the company. Outdoor digital signage is highly visible and has many different ways to promote a company and its offer. One of the main advantages is that they can display eye-catching video content.

How to choose the right one

In general, displaying price signs outside shops and restaurants is essential for transparency, customer attraction, convenience, and advertising. Businesses should consider their specific needs and budget when choosing the most appropriate type of signage. The existing design of the shop or restaurant is also important.

In addition, it is also worth basing the choice on the company’s values, for example, by choosing sustainable materials or products from local producers.

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