Interactive Kiosks

Find different types of interactive kiosks that provide information or services to users through a touchscreen interface. This page will help you find the right one for your business and needs. Each interactive kiosk type summarizes different models and where to buy or custom order them.


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Interactive kiosks are self-service terminals that provide users with information, services, or transactions through a user-friendly interface. 

Interactive kiosk common uses and added value

Industries where interactive kiosks are most commonly used to enhance customer experiences:

  • Retail environments, they can be used for self-checkout, product information, or inventory lookup.
  • Transportation hubs like airports or train stations, they provide ticketing services, flight or schedule information, or wayfinding assistance. 
  • Interactive kiosks in hotels can offer check-in and check-out services, local attraction information, or room service orders.
  • They are also valuable in healthcare settings, where patients can check in, access medical records, or schedule appointments.

The use of interactive kiosks adds convenience and reduces wait times, allowing businesses to serve customers more effectively.

Key things to consider when choosing an interactive kiosk

When choosing and buying interactive kiosks for your business, several key factors should be considered:

  1. Determine the specific needs and goals you want to achieve with the kiosk. Consider the location and environment where the kiosk will be placed to ensure it is suitable for the intended space.
  2. Consider the user interface and software capabilities. The touch screen should be responsive and intuitive for users to navigate easily. The software should be customizable to display your brand and provide the desired functionalities.
  3. Keep in mind the maintenance and support provided by the kiosk vendor. Ensure a reliable technical support system is in place and that software updates are available.
  4. Take into account the scalability and future expansion options, as your business needs may evolve over time.

If you want to purchase interactive kiosks, we have compiled a list of top interactive kiosk manufacturers on a separate page. There you will find helpful information about each manufacturer's offer and its advantages.