ColorWood Latvia is manufacturer of wooden display stands, that leverages extensive visual merchandising experience to serve the retail and HoReCa industries. Committed to sustainable practices in sourcing, production, and delivery, the company guarantees European quality at manufacturer’s prices.

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About ColorWood Latvia

ColorWood Latvia is a manufacturer specializing in high-quality wooden display stands, directly serving the retail and HoReCa industries.

With an impressive product portfolio, ColorWood Latvia's three primary offerings include wooden display stands for retail stores, wooden crates for product display and packaging, and wooden planters for cafes and restaurants.


Merchandising mastery

Rooted in an extensive background in visual merchandising, ColorWood Latvia team has a deep understanding of the commercial landscape and knows how to maximize the visual impact of its products.

This expertise empowers clients to showcase their offerings appealingly, driving customer engagement and ultimately boosting sales.

Sustainability as standard

Not just a manufacturer, ColorWood Latvia is a pioneer in implementing sustainable practices within the industry. Their commitment to an eco-friendly approach is evident in every process, from responsible sourcing of materials to production and delivery.

Clients choosing ColorWood Latvia invest in high-quality products and contribute to a healthier, greener planet.

Unbeatable quality and price

ColorWood Latvia's promise goes beyond mere products; it's about delivering European quality at an unmatched value. By selling directly from the manufacturer, they successfully bridge the gap between affordability and quality.

Their robust wooden stands, crates, and planters are aesthetically pleasing and durable, offering customers the best of both worlds.

Product impact and influence

At the heart of ColorWood Latvia's offering are three key product categories: wooden display stands for retail stores, wooden crates for product display and packaging, and wooden planters for cafes and restaurants.

Each of these products is meticulously designed and crafted, bearing testament to the company's extensive experience in visual merchandising.

Retail display stands

Their wooden display stands are more than mere fixtures; they form an integral part of a brand's identity in retail environments.

Through innovative design and quality craftsmanship, these stands enhance product visibility and create a lasting impression, reinforcing the brand's image and identity.


Wooden crates

Next in line, their wooden crates serve dual purposes. Beyond functionality, these crates become an extension of the product they contain, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and elevating the unboxing experience.

Used for both display and packaging, they have proven to be an effective marketing tool, adding substantial value to the products they house.

Wooden planters

Finally, the wooden planters, tailored for cafes and restaurants, are more than just decorative pieces. They encapsulate the essence of the establishment they adorn, reflecting its ambiance and ethos.

Functioning as subtle marketing tools, these planters contribute to the establishment's overall aesthetic appeal, enhancing the customer experience, driving repeat visits, and indirectly influencing sales.

Why choose ColorWood Latvia

In essence, ColorWood Latvia's products serve as silent yet powerful ambassadors of the brands they represent. They play an essential role in creating and reinforcing brand identity while delivering tangible marketing and sales value.

Choose ColorWood Latvia for your retail or HoReCa business needs. Experience the blend of visual merchandising expertise, sustainable practices, and European quality, all offered at manufacturer's prices.

When you opt for ColorWood Latvia, you're not just choosing a product; you're choosing a partner committed to delivering value, durability, and a greener future.